An Exercise in Hopefullness

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An Exercise in Hopefullness

Postby OzFan » 15 Jan 2010, 23:16

This is an hypothetical so don't go out celebrating just yet.

Congratulations, the universe has realigned, the PTB have come to their senses, Rufus, Marley and Omar have signed on and EH has been given the green light for not one but TWO brand new seasons and you, YES YOU, lucky bunny have been tapped as overall creative consultant to oversee the story line for Season Two, rejoice! :o
So what’s the plan? Where do you start?
How soon after Medea will the next season be set? Will Marley have limited scenes in the first few episodes to give her maternity leave? What about all the emotional baggage from Medea? Will Hood and Rachel acknowledge any of it or bravely fight on like nothing ever happened? If acknowledged will you show the conversation or leave it all unsaid forcing hundreds, nay thousands, of fans to rush to their keyboards to write their own versions.
Speaking of the Rachel/Hood dynamic how far will you take it this season, remembering that in the land of the plasma screen UST works much better than RST. Remember Moonlight, Lois and Clarke, X-files (to a degree), Scarecrow and Mrs King (does ANYONE else remember that show :roll: ) etc once the main characters acknowledge their true feelings ratings start to plummet.
Will you introduce a Moriarty type character to Hood’s Holmes, aka another Ghepetto? Will you try to loosely create an overall season arc or leave all the episodes as standalones? Would you introduce two parters and *gasp* knowing that there is another season, end this one with the dreaded words ‘TO BE CONTINUED’ leaving fans screaming for your blood as they have to wait six months for their answers.
Would all your episodes be purely action/scientific or would you start to introduce more back story, B stories running parallel to all the A story action. Does EH’s format even allow for B stories in its episodes?
Would you keep the story lines purely scientific or occasionally sidle into the X-Files/Fringe paranormal style story telling for a change of pace?
So what are you going to do? How would you steer your beloved show?
Go on tell me, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.
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Re: An Exercise in Hopefullness

Postby kygal » 16 Jan 2010, 07:40

Wow...I loved the first part of this post...hope it comes true!

I would like the show to stick to real science issues, they can go outside the box "a little". Other shows are already doing the SyFi thing. I think since Marley had her baby I would rewrite some of the early episodes to include her more. My second season would probably start with Rachel just back to work with Hood. She comes back to work a little early because Hood has been difficult to handle by his temporary handler, putting them in danger at times. Rachel would be anxious to get back to work to keep him safe as only she can do. Love the Jacob/Rachel chemistry...but I would continue the play...they would want each other very much but would not become a couple just yet. That is the kiss of death sometimes, but it would have to happen sometime with these two! I would have some flashbacks or reveal more about their pasts. Would have a couple of 2 hour specials. And I hate "to be continuned", at the end of a season.
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Re: An Exercise in Hopefullness

Postby EHfan » 17 Jan 2010, 11:47

Everyone always uses Moonlighting as the evidence that RST ruins a show. I have problems with this, since, as much as I liked that show, to me the problem was that Maddie and David didn't really like each other. Yes, they had incredible chemistry and were obviously were attracted to each other, but that was it. Once they had sex, there was no where for their relationship to go.

Not that I think Jacob and Rachel would end up in bed in a second season of EH. Over the course of season one you could see the growing friendship - the teasing, the conversations about their pasts. I think the underlying issue on season two would be their recognizing their growing attraction to each other. And realizing/fearing that acting on said attraction would cost them a partnership that they both have come to value.

At this point, the second season could begin a few months post-Medea. I think the whole point of having Rachel injured was to deal with Marley Shelton's maternity leave. Well, she's ready to be back to work by now (baby was born in Sept.) Contrary to others, I think Hood would have gritted his teeth and made an effort to get along with whoever was assigned to him. I mean the man isn't stupid, I'm sure in the real world (and even in the EH world) there would have been some gossip when Hood's series of handlers ended abrupty when he was assigned a good-looking blonde. So he would have put up with Rachel's replacement publically, but privately would have complained constantly to Rachel.

I would want to series to stay with real science, there are enough shows out there dealing with science fiction. To me, that was one of the most interesting things about EH, that the science, if not completely accurate, was probable, and in many cases spot on. They raised some interesting issues. And rather than have sub-plot issues dealing with their personal lives, I would rather they reveal information about the characters through the issues they face on the cases.

And I would not create a Moriarity type character for EH. I find those types of reoccuring characters boring. Geppetto was fine, since it was only two episodes. So, I guess a criminal who got away could be caught later in the season. To me, creating this type of character smacks of the writers running out of ideas, a la Criminal Minds and CSI.

And Oz, yes, I remember Scarecrow and Mrs. King!

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Re: An Exercise in Hopefullness

Postby jrzgrl11 » 25 Jan 2010, 16:54

My mother and I used to have a standing date to watch Scarecrow together.BB was so cute back then, even my mother swooned. That was a long way back.
I think that most series stick to the unconsummated romance because its more thrilling. Flirting is always more fun than washing your significant other's dirty socks which is where commitment always seems to lead.
My vote is for real science mostly, but I love ghost stories so why not once a year have the Halloween episode and work in a few mentions of the otherworld then?
Gotta run and get those socks in the dryer. Bye
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