Planned Maintenence

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Planned Maintenence

Postby æthre » 31 May 2009, 13:47

As absolutely no one but myself is aware, as of today, the software running these forums is out of date. Because of this, I'm going to be putting the boards into read only mode and/or shutting them down completely starting at approximately 1900 CDT today as I upgrade the software to v3.0.5. I'm unsure of what the end time will be (as I have never actually upgraded a phpBB board before - my experience is with WordPress), but hopefully it'll only take a half an hour.

As well as upgrading the software to the current version, I am also going to (hopefully) be installing a better anti spam mod that, if all goes well, will prevent the spambots from registering and posting.

Sorry for any inconvenience and, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


EDIT: Damn, it took 45 minutes for the install alone. Anti spam mod up next!
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