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Postby æthre » 08 May 2009, 22:18

So, guys, most of you (all of you?) know that I'm gunna be internetless for the foreseeable future. Getting internet is my top priority (other than, y'know, job and food and stuff that I need to live), so it shouldn't be too long until I'm back online.

If the bots attack or anything horrible happens, bother Travis/monoclelad (monoclelad on twitter, travisvanzandt on dA, tvzandt on FF.Net...) and get him to text me - I'm sure I'll be able to get internet connection somewhere :3 Or I'd just give him the password to the admin account so he can fix the problem.

Either that or just PM me in the next, oh, eight hours and I'll give you my cell number. No long distance charges on texts, yay! Well, at least in the 1 country code for sures... (which, for some reason, Canada and the US share...)

So, yeah, see you guys later!
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